Dragon’s Myth Slot

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With 5 reels and 20 payouts, Dragon’s Myth combines the best in video slots with the mythical world of dragons. The graphics in this new, slow game look like something right out of a Pixar film; the slot reels show a redheaded young girl who is looking out for wild dragons. The “myth” referenced in the title is that this girl will be the one to end the warfare between humans and dragons once and for all. Dragon’s Myth is launching April 2015 and was developed by popular video slots company Rabcab.

Animation meets Cute

Dragon’s Myth has cute animated graphics and a relaxing soundtrack that will enhance gameplay without being distracting. HD technology makes the animated figures in this slot game super realistic, which can also make the gameplay more fun. Don’t let the cuteness of the animated graphics fool you, though; Dragon’s Myth is a sophisticated casino slot game that even the most hardcore slot game aficionados will enjoy playing.

Get the symbol and win!

This game features scatter, multiplier, and wild symbols that increase the payout and multiply the different ways to win. When you find three or more scatter symbols, you gain access to the bonus free spins round! In this round, you can hunt for free spins and enjoy a double-way payline, where you will have even more ways to win and the chance to get free spins from both sides of the line. If you unlock a bonus symbol, you will be taken to the special Dragon’s Lair, where you can unlock free spins while trying to place two wild symbols on reel number two and reel number four.

Mythical Jackpot

The maximum jackpot in Dragon’s Myth is 5,000 coins. When you defeat all of the dragons, you will get an instant cash bonus! Anytime you have a payout, you can use a gambling feature to try to multiply your win. This game is a must-try for slot fans who like fantasy and dragons.

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